Pixel Maker Vlog Bracket RX100 VII

Vlog Bracket RX100 VII

When you combine high quality of audio with the high quality video skills you own, you can create a little masterpiece. Often the audio from internal microphones in your camera are lacking in quality and therefore you may miss out on a nice income for vlogging!

The Vlog Bracket RX100 VII was especially designed for the Sony RX100 VII camera. This type of camera is very popular amongst vloggers and content makers, but has no cold shoe to carry an external video microphone. When using the Vlog Bracket you can easily slide in a video microphone and attach any small video accessory by choice such as a light or charger.

The Vlog Bracket can be attached to a tripod as well and therefore goes great with the Pixel Maker T3. Make sure to be heard in all your video’s.

Durable design

Durable Aluminum Design

Open design

Does not block the battery door

360° shots

Universal coldshoe mount for accessories such as a microphone or light


Added comfort due to leather-texture grip


114 x 48 x 35 mm

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