Pixel Maker Mic Banner

The Perfect Mic Banner

Up your mic game

The Mic Banner is a simple and effective way to display your brand on a microphone. The triangular shape can fit three stickers for your logo or promotion. Your video instantly looks more professional. Because of its foam inlay, the Mic Banner fits practically any reporter or shotgun mic. Also, the eco-friendly plastic structure makes it a lightweight and durable marketing tool. It’s the perfect solution to up your mic game in all your interviews and vlogs. Check our website to print your own Mic Banner sticker.

One size fits all

Professional mic flag fits practically any reporter or shotgun mic with a 17-40mm diameter

Professional look

Ideal for professional interviews or vlogs


Easily customizable

Customize with the Pixelmaker Sticker Tool on pixel-maker.com

Lightweight design

Eco-friendly plastic structure


Dimensions (l x w)
100 x 46 mm
70 g
Inlay size
17-40 mm

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