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About Pixel Maker

Pixel Maker supports storymakers from all over the world with practical product solutions that ease the workflow in photo and video content creation. We stimulate content makers with a productline of problem solving items specially designed for filmmakers, mobile journalists, reporters and vloggers. We believe in the mobility of a design with the perfect quality and price ratio.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe in the mobility and simplicity of a design and the right quality/price ratio for the target audience of the brand Pixel Maker. 

This brand has a main focus on ambitious creatives who are looking for additional products for their photo or film equipment that can boost their workflow and productions. 

Every product originates from a missing piece in the workflow and use of gear of indie filmmakers, filmstudents, mojo’s and vloggers who are looking for items that can support the making of any content they have in mind.

With the manufacturing of Pixel Maker products we find the values of mobility, quality and price very important.

More often content creatives work with smaller camera’s or smartphones. They also travel a lot to get inspired for content making. Pixel Maker is always searching for practical solutions of compact and strong quality to fabricate the best products within its segment. We pay close attention to beneficial alternatives in comparison to existing more expensive solutions in the market.

Who uses our products

De Videomakers

We were happily surprised when receiving the Pixel Maker T3. It’s very lightweight and foldable and therefore easy to carry. Once unfolded, it enables you to film at eye-level, furthermore it’s a very strong and stable tripod. The hook on the bottom to attach extra weight, helps the stand in its stability. We like to travel, and when going into nature, you preferably take as less weight with you as possible. This tripod is a solution, for your phone and smaller cameras. Ideal for timelapses or long exposure photography. We started off with just one tripod, but quickly found out that we both needed one since it’s being used too often to share just one tripod. Highly recommended!”


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